Anne Laval Biography

Anne Laval was born in Tahiti, maybe that was what began her fascination for nature.

She graduated from the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg and currently lives in France, illustrating for magazines, child books, communication and cultural events.


She loves colors and big landscapes crossed by tiny travelers.
You can see her images in England, Germany, Japan or the USA, in New Yorker magazine, on big festivals posters in Paris, in beautiful children’s books, or in exhibitions in Italy.

She prefers to use traditional techniques like painting, colored pencils, screen printing or paper cut.


Anne has worked for Playtime Theatre,  Télérama, The New Yorker, The XXI review, Georges magazine, Bayard press, and many other companies. Her work has been featured in various exhibitions such as The Beautiful Escape, The Naval of the World and ARCHI BEAU.