Diana Ejaita Biography

Diana Ejaita

Born in Italy, with Nigerian Origins and based in Berlin, Diana is an illustrator, fine artist and textile designer. Raised by a multilingual mother Diana speaks five languages fluently; English, Spanish, Italian, German and French. Her work has been published in several magazines such as cover magazine for The New Yorker.

Her work has a sensibility for African Diaspora stories, stories that make difference. She has worked on several project illustrating Nigerian Literature of the sixties thanks to several artist residencies in the African Continent and won sponsorships for cultural exchanges.

 Her practice sees methods such as silk screening, sculpture as well as film. 

Besides the illustration and fine art projects she is the textile designer and founder of Berlin based brand “wearyourmask”.

 She focuses on themes such as inclusivity cultural dialogue, activism and literature.

Her clients in the US include the New Yorker, Apple, Washington Post, Google, the Atlantic, Boston Globe, AARP and the Marshal Project.