Women’s Strike in Poland

When the Polish government outlawed almost all forms of abortion in 2016, the women of Poland rose up in an iconic protest “Black Monday Women’s Strike,” dressing in black and waving black umbrellas. The black umbrella became a symbol of the fight for abortion rights in Poland.

This past November the Constitutional Tribunal argued that abortion due to fetal defects, which accounts for 98% of legal abortions performed in Poland, was unconstitutional due to the right to life, attempting to pass new restriction without any vote or input from the public. People of Poland have been protesting this new ruling through a women’s strike for several weeks now. Another symbol of this fight has overtaken streets and social media scene recently – a red lightning bolt created by artist Ola Jasionowska, who explains its origins here.

Poster artists shown here:

• Kasia Bogdańska
• Joanna Grochocka
• Ola Jasionowska
• Maria Machulska
• Ola Niepsuj
• Agata Nowicka

• and others