Elizabeth Montero Biography

Elizabeth Montero Santa (La Flor del Tamarindo), is an Afro-feminist Dominican illustrator who currently resides in Barcelona.

In her illustrations she seeks to represent black and Afro-descendant women through her own experiences. Her work explores the nature that has surrounded her since she was a child, the plants, the bugs in her mother’s backyard, the search for her Afro roots, the experiences of the wonderful women that surround her and those of all those who have tried to erase from history.

Her artistic studies began with a Bachelor of Arts followed by Graphic Design, Illustration and finally Fashion Design. In fashion design, she discovered her passion for prints and their creation, through artisanal techniques such as creating carved rubber stamps to later stamp them on the fabric, on some occasions accompanied by embroidery. She has great respect for the handmade, so she constantly combines artisanal and digital.