Enrique Moreiro Biography

Enrique Moreiro committed to his art and started working with publishers since 1985, in his teens. He studied Fine Arts in Madrid and traveled throughout France, Italy, Greece, and the US to complete his education. After earning his degree, he established his illustration studio in NY whee he freelanced mostly for the postal issues of over a dozen countries from four continents, which gave him a versatile, encyclopedic approach to his metier. He currently lives in Spain and works full-time as an artist.

Learning, experimenting with media and techniques, doing project research and teamworking are part of the fun side of illustrating.


The postal bureaus of: Bhutan, Micronesia,Tanzania, Ghana, Republic of Congo, Uganda, Gambia, Liberia, Republic of Comoros, Guyana, Maldives, St. Vincent, St. Kitts, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, Nevis, and Granada

The Boston Globe, American Federation of Teachers, Forbes Company, Philips International, Scholastic, Tricycle Press, McGraw-Hill, Equinox Press, Long Wharf Theater of Chicago, Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey, Groundwood Books (Canada) among others

In Spain: The Ministry of Public Works, Spanish Army General Headquarters PR, National Youth Institute, National Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), National Employment Institute, Autonomous Government of Extremadura, Bishopric of Plasencia, Quercus Magazine, Editorial Everest, Editorial Sirpus, Varenga Comunicacion, and others


His work has been exhibited at group and solo shows at galleries and institutions such as:

Salmagundi Club, NYC

Goethe-Nationalmuseum, Weimar, Germany

France National Mint, Paris

Wroclaw Museum of Art Medals, Poland

Tampere Art Museum, Finland

New York Public Library

Colorado Springs Money Museum

Medialia-Rack & Hamper Gallery, NYC

Union Gallery, Warsaw

Seixal Municipal Art Center, Portugal

Basis School of Sculpture, Ein Vered, Israel

Plasencia Municipal Gallery, Spain


1985-1991 Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. M.D., Fine Arts


People and human figure, portrait, Natural History, medical & fitness, historical, conceptual, life-style, lettering & heraldry, landscape, architecture, children’s

For editorial, fiction and non-fiction, picture books, coffee-table books, covers, comics, postal, collectibles, posters, prints, music CDs, packaging, advertising, institutional, etc.