Mariko Jesse Biography

Mariko Jesse

My name translates literally as ‘ten thousand mile child’ as it was thought that I would always be far from my birthplace, caught in the space between different cultures. I was born in Japan, spent my childhood in Hong Kong, and was educated in the UK.

I studied at Central St. Martins in London, where I was later an Associate Lecturer for several years. I freelance, and spend as much time in the print studio as I can. I’ve attended various international artists’ residencies, and regularly exhibit my work around the world.

Washington Post
Wall Street Journal
Princeton Alumni Weekly
Middlebury Magazine
Martha Stewart Living
Good Housekeeping
J. Crew
Woman’s Day
Brunswick Group
Westchester Magazine

 I happily work from wherever I am at the time, and now live between California, HK, Tokyo and London, depending largely on the weather.