Kasia Bogdanska Biography

Kasia Bogdańska

Kasia was born in 1980 and is a freelance illustrator currently working and living in Warsaw, Poland. She formally studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, eventually receiving her Master’s Degree there in 2005. After her studies, she began working as an illustrator for numerous magazines and newspapers in Poland and Europe. Since then she has illustrated many health related topics for Wysokie Obcasy Magazine. The opportunity to illustrate for this magazine influenced her to focus on emotions, feelings and biology of the human body while searching for visual metaphors to use in her assignments.

She is a recent recipient of the Gold Medal Winner of the 2017 3×3 Magazine Pro Show for the Textiles and Patterns category. In addition she received one merit award in the editorial category and two honorable mentions at the same show. Since establishing her career as an illustrator in Poland, she has begun expanding internationally, working with new clients in the US and outside of Europe. Her first book illustrated for the US Market, Seagull Soars, was released April 2020. She uses her experience and education in painting as a basis for her recent illustrations, which are most often created in Photoshop. Through her work you can see that she is still a painter at heart, who combines her fine arts training with new artistic technologies and tools to create unique illustrations.